Symbolic Charms

To celebrate the reflective occasion of Ramadan, MARIO UBOLDI JEWELLERY ART have created special UBOLDI CHARMS with symbolic meanings praising the month of giving. Designed by the internationally renowned Swiss-Italian architect, artist and jewellery designer based in Dubai, Andre C. Meyerhans, UBOLDI CHARMS is a part of MARIO UBOLDI JEWELLERY ART. The design house that blurs the boundaries between art and jewelry has created all the charms in 18K gold and with fine, natural diamonds. Six of the thirteen Ramadan charms are inspired by the word “Allah” written in different styles of Arabic calligraphy. Four designs evolve around the fascinating moon, which indicates the beginning and the end of the holy month. Stellar beauties of the night sky form another group of the Ramadan Charms.

The architectural background of the designer becomes evident when looking at the calligraphic series of Ramadan charms. Most of the small treasures use the Kufi script. This is not only the oldest style of Arabic calligraphy but it is also widely seen in architecture as decorative element due to its geometric nature. Certain writings thereby evoke the illusion of three dimension. This spatial effect became theme in many of the Ramadan charms where the sculptural nature of the calligraphy has been (re)introduced to create mesmerising little objects of art.