High Flying Art

Dubai-based artist and fashion illustrator Hatty Pedder, best known for her whimsical interpretations of cities and their cultures around the world, has collaborated with Emirates Airline on an exclusive collection of apparel, home and travel merchandise. “The Icon Collection” is Hatty’s interpretation of the distinctive Emirates cabin crew and the glamour of their jet-setting lifestyles. Her trademark linear work and vibrant colour palette bring a chic playfulness to the range. Items in the collection include stylish floaty tops and sweatshirts that appeal to all ages, handbags and luggage, and a sophisticated range of home items. Hatty says, “It’s been amazing to collaborate with Emirates on this collection and apply my techniques and style to a range of collectable fashion and homeware items. I’m really pleased with the final result. The look is unmistakably Emirates, but has a contemporary fashion feel to it.”

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Here are the excerpts from our interview with her.

How did your interest in art begin?
“I grew up in an artistic family filled with artists so I think it’s in my blood! From as long as I can remember it’s the only thing I ever wanted to be, and has always been my passion. I decided to go to Central St Martins in London, as it had a Graphic Design BA course where I could specialise in illustration and this is where my journey began.”

How would you describe your style? Who would you say has influenced your style the most?
“My style is very distinct and always starts with the use of a black ink line. My subject matter is people based, and it tends to be fashion and surreal driven. I like to put a twist in my work, giving it an our and touch of quirk. I tend to use a vibrant palette and mixed media including, ink, acrylic, photomontage, collage, aluminum, gold leaf and plexi glass. Alternatively, my style can be very simple and comprise just a simple black spontaneous fluid line.
“I take my inspiration from many artists including fashion photographers. I love Tim Walker’s surreal imaginative set-ups. I also love Aubrey Beardsley’s striking black linear work, and the beauty of Klimt’s gold and jewel-like pieces, to name a few.”

What is good art? As an artist, what is your advice to people wanting to invest in art?
“This is a subjective question as the consistency of the production and history of the artist should be taken into consideration. My personal feeling is to follow your heart and buy what you love.”

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