Music to Ears

Presenting two high-precision gadgets that combine the best of technical expertise and good looks to make them the perfect flaunt gear for your ears

As far as on-ear Bluetooth headphones go, there are some very good ones out there from Beats, Bose, Sennheiser and others. The futuristic design of the Soho Wireless distinguishes it from the rest, and it doesn’t fall short on sound quality either. The compact, no-nonsense metal construction is solid – there are variants in white and brown as well – and leather-covered earpads give them a very luxurious feel. The design allows the cans to be folded flat down, which makes them highly portable and easy to carry around. Plus, they allow pairing with HFC and AptX, but can also be used with a wire in case you’re running low on battery. With noise isolation technology and a built-in microphone, the headphones double for calling usage with ease but never really sacrifice the quality of sound, in spite of the fact that you’re running them over Bluetooth.

The “NHT” stands for Now Hear This, and that’s precisely what these in-ear buds will let you do. The SuperBuds come from a company that has more than three decades of sound engineering expertise. The construction of the SuperBuds is minimalist yet highly durable, thanks to the heavy metal alloy. The buds come with a number of tips – both latex and Comply foam – for a more comfortable fit, and a hard-shell carrying case that is compact, sturdy and highly portable. As for the quality of sound, these buds really pump the bass, which will make them perfect for fans of rock and hip-hop; yet, they help maintain a great balance throughout the audio spectrum. They can be tuned via an equalizer app for both iOS and Android, which allows you to moderate the output based on your requirements.