Happy Bling

The iconic Chopard Collection – Happy Diamonds – is turning 40 this year! In tune with their multiple transformations, Happy Diamonds is a unique concept in the jewellery and watchmaking field and has provided fascinating expressions through the years, forging an authentic legend in the process.

While Happy Diamonds initially graced the world of watchmaking, debuting first as an award-winning gentlemen’s timepiece, they soon gave an incredible boost to jewellery. It all began with a magnificently daring masterstroke by Caroline Scheufele, who was fascinated by the circus and gave free rein to her imagination in drawing a precious clown with a tummy full of moving diamonds and colourful stones. The success of this jewellery creation, initially produced as a one-off model for her personal collection, led to the launch of the Happy Diamonds jewellery line and also marked the start of jewellery at Chopard in 1985. The clown was followed by the elephant, the ladybird, the teddy bear, and the heart.

Over the years, Happy Diamonds have been interpreted through iconic collections: Happy Sport, the first watch to combine steel and diamonds (1993), Happy Fish (2002), Happy Spirit (2003), Very Chopard (2010) and Happy Hearts (2015) that combines the moving diamonds with the much-cherished hearts.

In 2016, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the launch of this concept, Chopard presents new moving elements featuring an unprecedented innovation in the history of Happy Diamonds: prong setting. The gems are larger than before and feature a variety of sizes, thus exquisitely accentuating their whirling dance and the spirit of profusion. Jewellery thus welcomes a supremely romantic new collection named Happy Dreams, while watchmaking sees the arrival of a new ladies’ watch that pays tribute to the past by picking up the cushion shape of the very first model. Happy Diamonds are indeed forever: essential gems that have a rare ability to transcend successive eras and to perpetually reinvent themselves as time goes by.

Chopard range is available with Khimji’s Watches. For more information, you can visit www.khimjiswatches.com.