French Lounging

The Versailles Sofa from Boca do Lobo is more than an exclusive upholstery piece, which reunites centuries of history and culture into a unique design.
Inspired by the French Court’s greatness and pomp, this luxury upholstery piece, inspired by 17th century architectural and cultural landmarks, was created to enrich your living room decoration.

It all begun with the study and exploration historical art pieces. Following Boca do Lobo’s soul and essence, the passionate team of designers wanted to keep paying tribute to tradition by creating an authentic and exclusive piece.

This long process allowed them to recreate the “Versailles Spirit”, which was brought back to life by the hands of some of the best artisan craftsmen, Portugal has to offer best.

Combining the brands cultural and historical legacy with the latest trends in the interior design industry, we are able to bring the past into your modern and luxurious home, in the most exclusive way.