Free Spirit

Elegance, balance, speed, strength, temperament… Lladró artists have captured the spirit of the horse in a great number of pieces. Its artists have modelled this beautiful creature in all shapes and forms: galloping, leaping, trotting, posing majestically or simply at rest. From the naturalness of wild steeds to highly groomed and harnessed thoroughbreds, Lladró’s horses are a tribute to creatures, which are as free as creativity and as noble as porcelain.

Decoratively speaking, Lladró has deployed its full potential creating simple unadorned horses or steeds with intricate harnesses and saddles which are jewels in themselves. That is why we can find horses ranging from white matte porcelains like the Gallop group or Unbreakable spirit to pieces painted with sophisticated enamels, such as Oriental horse, not forgetting Lladró’s more functional aspect in lamps, bottle stoppers and bookends.