Bridal Fantasies

The designer duo behind the ‘Michal Medina’, sisters Michal Medina and Shula, have always had fashion sown into their veins, courtesy their mother who was an exceptionally talented seamstress. The sisters grew up around bridal gowns. “Our mother had a lot of respect and love for the profession. She passed that love to us. When we were just starting out, she also helped us make the dresses, and from there our small dream became larger than life,” Medina says.

Here are some interesting things about the brand

Medina and Shula started out by opening a bridal studio ‘Hatuna Levana’ in the 1990s. It wasn’t long before their studio became the go-to for brides-to-be in Israel and this led to them creating the ‘Michal Medina’ brand, which would become their weapon to conquer the international world.

The creation of a Michal Medina gown is a fairytale in itself, layered with exquisite craftsmanship, perfection and uncompromising quality regardless of the time and effort required. “We always aim for creating the highest quality gown that can be made while giving the bride the highest degree of comfort. We put a lot of thought into our dresses, so that each woman, regardless of body type, will feel beautiful,” says Medina. “The brand has something for everyone –both women with a classic, modest taste and women with a modern, bold taste will be able to find their dream dress and look spectacular.”


Inspiration feeds the creative individuals constantly in more than one way. Likewise, Medina’s inspiration changes often. It doesn’t always come from the fashion world. When she draws inspiration from fashion icons, she tends to choose innovative icons or a collection that made her think. “It’s very hard to come up with anything new these days in fashion, because almost everything has been done, so I draw inspiration from pioneering designers like Iris van Herpen who created whole collections using 3D printers, plastics, and unique haute couture textile production techniques,” she says.

As the label continues to garner popularity for what is its undeniably remarkable brilliance, it seems only right that they have chosen to take their art to global markets. “Our dresses are already being sold in the US and in the coming year we plan to expand to Europe, Canada, and South East Asia. The amazing responses, we have received in the US, are heart-warming and give us great comfort. More importantly, they feed our desire to create,” Medina says.

The Michal Medina SS16 collection is Medina’s ode to the breath-taking landscape of France. It was love at first sight for Medina, who while on a river cruise in the Dijon region of the country, could not stop herself from admiring the breath-taking landscape that was so different from home: villages dotted the riverbanks, along with castles that have stood since the middle ages. When creating the collection, Medina focused on large flowing skirts that spill onto the body coupled with modest cleavage,” she says. “It gave the collection a romantic elegant look, rich with delicate handmade lace with a touch of vintage, while still maintaining a modern look full of glamour and richness of fabric and textures from a combination of embroidery, crystals, (semi-precious) gems, and pearl beads.”

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