Bentagya Arrives

The first SUV from Bentley Motors is sure to set a new benchmark. The all-new W12 engine is breathtakingly powerful with a top speed of 187mph (301km/h). But performance is not just about unadulterated speed. Bentayga can tow up to 3,500kg with consummate ease and takes all kinds of off-road conditions in its stride. An advanced chassis has been created to showcase the sculptural design that balances athleticism with presence, and pioneering use of lightweight aluminium.

From the distinctive matrix grill to B-shaped wing vents and four familiar round headlights, the Bentagya is unmistakably Bentley. The panoramic glass roof, which makes up almost 60 per cent of the total roof surface, is an elegant addition that gives the cabin an “out-there” feel.

The Bentayga’s cabin, as you’d expect, is rife with exquisite handcraftsmanship and precision. Metal, wood and leather come together seamlessly and showcase the innovative technologies that surround the driver and passengers. The dashboard features the iconic Bentley “wing” design, and the instruments and detailing flow from door to door and down the centre console. The seats have been individually handcrafted to provide an exceptional level of comfort and beauty.