Artistic Kaleidoscope

Of Place and Places opens today and marks Omani-Indian artist Radhika Khimji’s second solo show at Gallery Sarah in Muscat.

This exhibition brings together Khimji’s photographic collages and sculptural works in order to elaborate on her ongoing research into place and places. The notion of place and places, in their singular and plural form, brings to mind, points in space – for Khimji, a compass. A place acts as the stationary centre, around which the needle of the compass moves, circulating several places as they turn. One can belong to a place and many places simultaneously, roots can multiply and we as individuals are composed of many parts. To be of both place and places is to be a kaleidoscope, a jigsaw, a mosaic, a broken mirror.


The photo collages form the beginning of a new series entitled Across the Tropic of Cancer, based on research into the Kutchi communities of Oman , the place in India
where the artists ancestors come from, their heritage and how they first they arrived to Oman. In Of Place and Places the artist has used images of abandoned houses in Kutch as well as street scenes in Muscat in order to explore resonances and similarities between the two places. There is a sense of lacking, of absence, in both sites, and an emptiness that is in direct contrast to the sculptures present in such close proximity within the same space.

The exhibition will be on display from today till April 20, 2016 from 9.30am till 6pm, Saturday till Thursday at Gallery Sarah at Bait Al Zubair. For more information about the artist please visit and for more information about the exhibition and Gallery Sarah activities please call 22084747 or visit us on social media.