Youthful Essence

Estée Lauder unveils a romantic new facet of modern femininity – Modern Muse Eau de Rouge, a sheer new fragrance inspired by the flirtatiously sexy side of a Modern Muse. The Eau de Rouge woman has a soft, youthful attitude yet she’s still subtly sexy.

A Floral Rose scent, Modern Muse Eau de Rouge reimagines the Le Rouge signature with a twist of luminescent clarity taking on the youthful flirtation of a springtime kiss. The ripened rose accord from Le Rouge is the base of departure for this spirited scent, transforming to a transparent dewy rose accord which moves the dramatic, rich fragrance to a vibrant and light-hearted springtime freshness that captures the Eau de Rouge Muse. The innovative “dual-impression” fragrance structure allows women to experience the fragrance through two contrasting accords of dewy rose and iridescent woods.


Elements of desire and whimsical pink shades thread together the updated bottle design for Modern Muse Eau de Rouge. In shape: a strong, tall luxurious glass bottle with soft rounded sides and a playful pink-tinted juice. In Style: an eye-catching translucent pink, spray-through bow cap adorns the bottle. In attitude: a lighthearted, yet sensual romantic visual representation of the Modern Muse. Together, these details create a strong yet flirty visual statement that is an important part of the Modern Muse Eau de Rouge experience.